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AVO are a European market leading manufacturer of dry and liquid functional ingredients perfect for all substrates.

We specialise in bringing ingredients and insights to life across a wide and wonderful range of applications, processes and challenges.

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Ingredients to feel good about

We specialise in bringing ingredients and insights to life across a wide and wonderful range of applications, processes and challenges.

Our prime objective is simple … to continuously deliver superb tastes by providing the very best ingredient solutions for all our customers. We are passionately committed to an ongoing programme of investment, process development, research, and innovation throughout our business and in every step of our supply chain.

Herbs & Spices

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From a single ingredient, used as a sprinkle condiment or topping to one that plays a small but important role in a recipe, we have a wide and comprehensive range of both dry and liquid herbs and spices to satisfy all requirements. A range of organic herbs and spices is also available, compliant with Regulation EC No. 834/2007


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Our bespoke dry seasonings can be manufactured in batches from 100 kg and can be packaged in sachets or bags to your individual requirements from 10 g to 25 kg.


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Marinades can enhance and transform the flavour, appearance, succulence and shelf-life stability of many substrates.


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Inspired by our customers, extensive market knowledge and our interpretation of culinary and flavour insights, we pride ourselves on our ability to create complex layered flavour solutions. These include: cook stable, freeze thaw and stir fry sauces and finishing sauces.

Functional Ingredients

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We believe that our understanding, knowledge and portfolio of specialist ingredients is amongst the best in the industry. Whether that's a food colouring, a fat replacer to be utilised in a lower fat product, a texturate in plant-based product, a curing aid, a shelf extender or simply a single ingredient, we have a quality solution for every requirement!

Casings & Sundries

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A range of complementary casings and nets are the perfect companion to our ingredients. By offering our customers a trusted, cost effective one stop supplier option, we remove the need to look elsewhere!
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As an experienced manufacturer in a constantly evolving market, AVO gives you access to the latest technical, culinary and marketing insights involving development chefs and food scientists.

If you need support in developing new food products, we can analyse your current ingredients, manufacturing processes to come up with a finished solution. With flexible batch sizes ranging from 100kg to 450kg, our products can be packed into a variety of packaging formats and sizes.

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Who we are

About Us

AVO is a market leading third generation family-owned business founded in 1921. Our expertise in ingredient technologies is based upon decades of proprietary knowledge, aligned with the creation of industry-leading concepts, products, and processing solutions.

Inspired by our customers, extensive market knowledge, and our commitment and interpretation of culinary and flavour insights, we pride ourselves on our ability to create superb quality dry and liquid applications for all substrates. These include meat, poultry, fish, seafood, plant-based, hybrid, dairy and bakery products. In addition to blended products, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of individual dry herbs and spices including organic.

In addition to an extensive selection of library recipes, we offer a menu, culinary, and technical innovation advisory resource, based upon traditional, on-trend, or future forecast flavour profiles.

We believe that our reliable and efficient approach to innovation and development, our utmost respect for the environment, our unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with our exceptional speed to market, agility, and customer care, all ensure that our customers always have the edge.


AVO’s quality management systems include HACCP and seamless batch traceability. The company is also certified at the International Featured Standard (IFS Food, higher level), HALAL and meets the requirements of organic standards and RSPO standards.

Technical Expertise & Support

Analysis and development of food trends, ideas and innovative concepts, with greater efficiency and creativity to provide successful products.


Certified according to ZNU Standard Sustainable Management

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